Understanding latino dating

06 Aug

Because I knew that if I spent all my time with only Latinos, I wasn't going to learn." "When I came to the United States, I had a different mentality from the other ballplayers. 1 goal was to take advantage of the opportunity to go to the United States and improve the things I could control, like learning the language.

Because if you know two languages, it can open other doors for you.

We cooked in there and we saved ourselves a ton of money.

If each of us contributed , we did a good grocery shopping trip and it lasted for the four to eight days of the road trip." "Back in Arizona, Dominican players gathered ourselves in groups of four or five.

The first time speaking in English after a game, I got a little nervous.

After that, I got used to having a lot of cameras around." "I remember once we were in the elevator at the All-Star Game and a woman was talking to Vladimir Guerrero in English.

I try to explain it to them." "Kids now have a lot more opportunities to learn. We started by ordering food at Mc Donald's or at Subway after the game.

Here, it's a little bit more professional in the sense that there's more concentration." "For the most part, I hang out with the Americans.

But I sit with Car Go [Carlos González] on the plane, and the Latin guys sit next to me. I know a lot of the Americans don't want to hear it, but I love it." "In the minors, I was always among the top prospects, and to be honest with you, when you're a top prospect, you're treated differently.

Every time they said a word, I tried to get it in my head and say it and then ask what it meant. I was never afraid to ask and say a word until I said it right.

And even though some of them would make fun of me, they would help me afterwards." "Something that helped me a lot, and that many of my friends have criticized, was that I allotted time to be with Latinos and time to be with Americans.