Updating an old mac

26 Oct

Note: Although this article was written for mac OS Sierra (10.12), much of it still applies to mac OS High Sierra (10.13) which was released in September 2017.

High Sierra's system requirements are the same, except that High Sierra now requires 14.3 GB of available disk space, and a minimum of OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) to do a direct-upgrade installation.

Apple does not make any public statements concerning how long it will continue to release XProtect updates, let alone security patches, for any particular Apple software or operating system.

While Microsoft publicly announces its support timetables for Windows and other software, and the Ubuntu Linux company Canonical does likewise, Apple has never given any official notice regarding how long each version of mac OS or i OS will continue to receive security updates.

The only security-related update that Apple is continuing to release for Snow Leopard through Mavericks is the XProtect "[un]Safe Downloads List," which blocks a handful of malicious downloads (although signatures are often added too late to be of much use) and prevents Flash and Java content from running in your browser—if your plug-ins are too outdated and likely to be exploited.

It's important to note that XProtect updates, while better than nothing, are by themselves insufficient to adequately protect your Mac.

Not all developers will have their updates ready right away. The best way to see if your must-have apps are going to be ready for mac OS High Sierra is to visit the companies' websites or check their social medial feeds.If there are any apps that you just can't live without, you might be forced to ... If, after reading everything I suggested, you still think you are ready to upgrade to mac OS High Sierra, then by all means, go for it!I've been using it for a couple of months now, and frankly, I love it.Being stuck on an old version of mac OS is not something you can safely ignore.For one thing, running an old operating system means you won't receive critical security updates from Apple.