Updating from arcsde to arcserver

15 Feb

if you have a single server Arc GIS Server license but need Arc SDE running on a separate database server this can massively increase licensing costs, as Arc SDE is only licensed as part of Arc GIS Server.You might get a brand new server with beefier hardware for less than an additional AGS license.For example, an author might include an editable feature layer that allows the birding community to post their bird sightings directly on the map and attach media files—such as photographs, audio files, and video files—to the specific observation points.Because these features are part of the layer, any changes made to the layer in the map are immediately viewable by everybody who has access to the layer, even when the layer is part of a different map.At 10.1 there is no need to install the Arc SDE software unless you need to run an Arc SDE service.If all of your users are making Direct Connections to the geodatabase then the Arc SDE installation is not necessary.For help with Add New Service see Adding a new service.

There are some very good reasons to use a Arc SDE Server Engine, the first being the load.

Now, this can be a huge impact if you have very large datasets; the Arc SDE Service/Process helps in this by aiding in the request of the appropriate data scope.

Now as we have all gotten bigger machines, with more RAM its much easier to just load everything into the current session and run with it; but don't just discount the idea of using the service just because the Arc GIS docs say you 'don't need it' anymore, versus when you probably could/should use it.

If the feature layer is editable and you have privileges to edit features, you can open a map containing editable features in to edit the features.

Feature layer edits include adding, altering, or deleting the features on the map, as well as adding, altering, or deleting the information (attribute values) associated with the features.