Validating radiobuttonlist asp net Winx video chat adult

25 Jun

Is the solution to create a designer for the control? I can't override the Control To Validate property... Brian"Trust in the Lord and do what is good; dwell in the land and live securely.

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I have a validation summary control I am using on a web form to validate various controls on a web form. At this point the validation controls are showing errors in th evalidation summary even though the user has not attempted to do any inputs. Validation controls are triggereing other forms validation controls?

I want all validation summaries and errors to appear for all groups that return a false validation. Selective Validation of Controls (text boxes) in a Repeater control The objective: Display a list of prices for various admission tickets. children under 3), some items are not admission tickets (e.g. Business rule: Bookings cannot be made for any less than 15 paying visitors.

I have the following Repeater control which is populated by a stored procedure returning a Data Set of all the 'tickets' (see above) available for the date the user has chosen to visit the venue: 1 How to validate controls on a . NET 2.0 / C#) I've looked thorugh every post on validating web user controls (and know about Pter Blum's Professional Validation and More package) - but can't seem to get my head around whre to start.

I have a Radio Button List, a Repeater and a Link Button within the Repeater Control in the same Form.

What I would like to do is when somebody clicks the Link Button in the Repeater Control validate the form and make sure an item from the Radio Button List was checked before the user clicked the Link Button.