Wan log sex chat

06 Nov

If I use a proxy service would that give me a list of visited sites ?

Gargoyle is probably more appropriate but I have a fritz box and love it so I don't want to change that.

How does one stop crap (no pun) like this when You Tube is "suppose" to be relatively "clean".

as a parent (my circumstance) I didn't want it just to be left up to this. then any good parent really does need to monitor network/net use. switch off wireless and/or internet access at 8pm etc). I don't think your kids would be very happy, once they found out that you have been watching there history and sit them down as what the person above and talk to them about what they should and not do on the internet.It's not my kids I don't trust, but the influence of less desirable people on the net. Example: Back in the mid 2000's, Face Book was blocked. So much information was given out (being new) from one of our kids friends (DOB, name, address etc eetc...) that I knew FB wasn't good for 10 y/olds. Privacy with pedophiles pretending to be 10 y/o – no. Also, if they use google a lot, You can turn on this thing that will log your google search history on to a google account.if they are old enough to use the likes of facebook and the like for chatand that is 13 plus there is an assumption that there should be some trust developed , if you allow kids younger than that to use chat without supervision you need to be looking in the mirror and asking why I agree. I didn't scan their chats as as I thought it is none of my business... The way it worked at home (no set guideline btw) ... More info at : https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/54068 Use something like "opendns" to block sites that you don't want them to visit.For my kids i did the same WLFS and then for i Pads they are locked down same went for x Box, PS3 locked it as much as it was needed and the rest well what can you do! If you were to 'revoke' an IP address, one could simply set their device to use a static IP address, eg If I know my boy is looking at this stuff then I can have a little talk about the appropriateness of it.If you were to 'block' a MAC address, one could change their MAC address, if it were a Windows PC or an Android device. I understand the building trust with kids and like to give them as much free reign as I can. They mostly use google hangouts with their mates from school so it's mostly voice anyway. Even if I do use two routers I am still stuck as they love youtube as do I.