Who is anna kendrick dating 2016

20 Aug

“To some people, I was just that girl who got to work with Kristen and Rob,” she says, referring to co-stars Stewart and Pattinson, with whom she did three more Twilight films, “and to other people, I was that girl who’d made all these other movies. A native of Portland, Maine, and the daughter of parents who worked in finance, she isn’t quite sure how that happened, but, she says, “by the time I was 6, I was in community theater, because when I saw kids playing soccer I was like, yawn.” Now she compares an acting career to the stock market.There was very little crossover.” Before moving to L. “There’s no way you can engineer it to be perpetually rising, because nobody knows what’s going to happen,” she says, though, unlike some of her peers, she isn’t seduced by opportunities on TV or Broadway.Pitch Perfect sequels aside, Kendrick admits to occasionally being kept in a frustrating limbo on movies until the male leads are locked down. “But I feel lucky to be among what I think is one of the great generations of female actors, so I can’t be that mad if you cast the part that’s harder to cast first.” Case in point: the upcoming Mike and Dave, for which Zac Efron and Adam Devine (and director Jake Szymanski) were officially signed on before Kendrick and her BFF Aubrey Plaza, despite the ladies’ initial eagerness to work together on the raunchy gender-flip comedy in which a horny, hard-partying layabout (Kendrick) joins her scheming friend (Plaza) to out-deprave the guys.“I usually play a character who is a little bit savvier and more of the commentary gal,” she says, and it’s true that she normally inflects even minuscule parts with a native intelligence (or buttoned-up neuroses).“If we’re in the last era where people sit in a cinema and watch movies, I want to be a part of it.” It’s not easy to predict which projects will get her attention.

’ ” Satrapi is the Persepolis writer-director who, in 2014, helmed an out-there black comedy about a serial killer starring Kendrick and Ryan Reynolds that, judging from box-office totals, you didn’t see.“I was on set for, like, two weeks,” she says, shrugging.(Krasinski notes that Kendrick drove the six-hour round trip from New Orleans to Jackson, Mississippi, on her days off from Pitch Perfect 2 to participate in his film.) “I knew the second John sent me the script it was going to be personally fulfilling, so even if I don’t feel like it will set my career on fire, why on earth would I say no?For Kendrick, a more proactive approach is both smarter and more realistic than being aloof or overly choosy.“There’s obviously value to the Ferraris of the world, where the whole point is that only the very few can access this,” she says.