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19 Oct

Because he’s morphed in to a very sharp business man and entrepreneur, that eats most of his time.

Smith says he knew years ago he was headed this direction. That’s why I worked at Jones Deli in the summer,” he said.

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“Football is not a sport that people play just because they like it.So you have to read between the lines and peel back the onion a little bit to really find the quality folks that you actually believe can help support what you’re doing.” One of Smith’s businesses involves selling authentic memorabilia and collectibles. “What we use is the NFC SMARTRAC to authenticate the items and to gather information from you and apply it to that tag,” Smith said. “Because that’s a lot of money that somebody’s investing, versus paying ,000 for a jersey and have somebody say, ‘Trust me.'” Smith says he hasn’t seen his three Super Bowl rings in at least a couple years. Outside of his ventures in business and football Smith also won season three of .Though in the beginning, he had to cave in to his wife’s condition of no breakfast, lunch or dinner with his dance partner, he confessed half-jokingly.You absolutely have to love it because the things you go through are not worth it …just for the of it.” Smith’s childhood hero was Roger Staubach.