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He was originally in the 2nd US Cavalry before becoming Colonel of the 3rd Michigan Cav.

The CDV is a bit dirty and does have several rounded corners.

He enlisted on September 9, 1861 and mustered out on June 6, 1865 CDV has a Corinth, Miss. Overall Commander of the Army at the outbreak of the Civil War it was he that came up with the Anaconda Plan strategy for the Union. Carte is nicely ID'd on front and back in period ink but does show signs of water staining. Carte is nicely ID'd on back in period ink and is in good condition. Nice ID on reverse in period ink "Yours Truly / Henry S. Pencil note on the back mentioning that the owner's mother gave this to an uncle at 11 years old. This resulted in the arrest and conviction of over 300 Dakota Sioux that were sentenced to hang.

He was the Whig nominee for President in 1852 but defeated by Franklin Pierce. During that period the 13th was at Lookout Mountain constructing military hospitals, was in pursuit of Forrest in Northern Alabama, Sherman's March to the Sea, actions at Dalton and Savannah, the Carolina campaign, Surrender of Johnston and in the Grand Review in DC. While in the 11th NJ, the regiment was engaged in the Battles of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville and Gettysburg where they suffered greatly with 26 killed and 122 wounded. Colonel, no photographer's back stamp but has tax stamp dating image to later in the War. Carte has rounded corners and fading of text near the bottom. In 1862, in Minnesota what started as a dispute over hunting lands, a Dakota from a small hunting party murdered a white family of five and as a result the Dakotas decided to attempt to run out the settlers by raiding other white settlements. Abraham Lincoln ordered General John Pope to Minnesota to suppress the uprising.

You can see where the original had gilt on the brass of the sword, etc. There is a very faint name on the reverse which I have boxed in pencil - appears to be a Jas (James) for the first name and the last name I had trouble with. The carte is worn as can be seen and soft corners but the subject matter is pretty decent. He was promoted to Captain on 7/31/62, Major on 1/5/63 and Lt. View shows what appears to be a veteran sitting on a flank marker next to the Rhode Island Light Artillery monument. Carte has a great period ink presentation inscription on the reverse "Compliments of / Wm. ID is in pencil on reverse and there was in fact a Harvey Smith in the 14th.

He enlisted on August 12, 1862 and was mustered out on June 8, 1865. The 21st michigan took part in the battles of Perryville, Stone's River, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Bentonville among others and took part in the Grand Review.- Image of Amherst B. Image has typical soiling and a water stain as can be seen in photos. He is wearing the M-1859 uniform cap with one of the two different hat plates - unmistakable even with the coloring. 4 7/8" x 7" Between a half and whole plate tintype. This unit participated in the battles of Fort Donelson, siege of Corinth, Fort Henry, KY, Lockridge Mills and later fought Indians in the Dakota Territory where Shelley was mentioned in the battle reports for his actions. The boats were never really successful and only six were built. April 2d, 1865 and shows a foot passage halt way up the side'. Speculation that these are band members as there are two drums and a musician's sword in a tree behind the table. Carte is in vgc with just several light spots on front.

He enlisted on 5/24/1861, Mustered out on 5/24/1864. Don't know if this is a former woman soldier taking a photo with the old kepi on or perhaps Georgiana Willets - one of the famous nurses of the War (as it looks close to her lithograph likeness in the book 'Women of the War'). - Another intersting image of a woman wearing a jacket that clearly has Captains shoulder boards. Took a few extra minutes to verify that this is the same Egbert as listed in the database but found NY records giving the middle two initials and identifying the 15th NYHA as his regiment (see Additional Images).

While in, the regiment fought at Shiloh, Vicksburg, New Berne, NC, Metamora, Tn. Seated view of Thompson with a very faint period pencil ID on the back with residence. Carte shows typical wear, radius on corners and a crease in the mount across the lower right side of the card. File was taken as a POW at the Battle of Five Forks on March 31, 1865. - Well known image of the 'stairs' or 'ramp' in Fort Marion in St. The fort was built by the Spaniards, started in the 1600's and finished in 1756.

He enlisted on January 8, 1862, and mustered out February15, 1866.

John Kemp Mizner - Colonel of 3rd Michigan Cavalry.