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05 Feb

After the girls had reconciled, Dylan was told to reach a choice between them.He eventually chose Kelly, when Brenda could not show up to his father's party because of her parents.With his mother AWOL and his father's neglect and abusive behavior, Dylan struggles with feeling safe and finding focus in his life, unable to take care of himself solely at 16.Dylan and Brenda become very close, while Brandon and Dylan become best friends.

However, he was also portrayed as a loner, prone to taking retreats and associating with only a few people at a time.Further complicating the situation was the fact that Dylan shared a professional bond with Brenda's father, Jim Walsh — who Iris had selected as Dylan's trustee.Dylan eventually decided that it would be best to let his own father oversee his assets, and Jack agreed.The trio look out for each other at all times and bring Andrea, Steve, Donna and Kelly into their soon-to-be friend group, later joined by Donna and David Silver.A brief pregnancy scare marked the beginning of a highly stressful period for Brenda, which soon led her to break up with Dylan.