Who is wwe cm punk dating male personality types dating

20 Jan

It could have been the plan all along for him to be at Wrestle Mania in some sort of role. At least all the male fans of AJ can take solace in this fact. If it brings CM Punk back, I think fans might be behind it more so.

It has been a long 21 months since former WWE superstar CM Punk announced his intention to fight in the UFC.

Saturday marks go time for the 37-year-old, whose real name is Phil Brooks, in his debut against welterweight Mickey Gall (2-0) at UFC 203 in Cleveland.His contract ends this summer and it could be possible that we see CM Punk back, but on one condition. This would allow him to be back for say, 6 months, then off 6 months.It would allow him to work to be with AJ, but also allow him time off to heal and refocus.The rumors didn’t seem more than such for a long time.A few AJ Lee fan pages on Facebook and other social media outlets claimed that Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter fame confirmed the report. In AJ Lee’s match, a ring could be seen on her ring finger, proving the rumor to be true at least from at least thought. A date is not set and no knows if AJ Lee will be leaving any time soon.