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22 Jul

Wrestling's popularity boomed when independent enthusiasts unified and their media outlets grew in number, and became an international phenomenon in the 1980s with the expansion of the World Wrestling Federation (now known as World Wrestling Entertainment, shortened to simply WWE).

Throughout the 1990s, professional wrestling achieved highs in both viewership and financial success during a time of fierce competition among competing promotions, such as World Wrestling Federation, World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling.

You can interpret what they're responding to better.

With that there's the ability to go further and achieve more, and bust through more glass ceilings.

Right now I feel like I'm sitting on that calm searching for that wave so I can get on it." Ronda Rousey and other MMA stars possibly coming to WWE: "I feel like if it's going to get more eyes on us, then that's wonderful.

This was paralleled with a renewed interest in competitive combat sports with the rise of mixed martial arts.Both catch wrestling and Greco-Roman were popular, and fully competitive, amateur and professional sports.But, from the late 19th century onwards, a sub-section of catch wrestling changed slowly into the choreographed sport entertainment now known as "professional wrestling", recognized as much for its theatrical antics and entertainment as wrestling ability.Wrestling as a modern sport developed in the 19th century out of traditions of folk wrestling, emerging in the form of two styles of regulated competitive sport, "freestyle" and "Greco-Roman" wrestling (based on British and continental tradition, respectively), summarized under the term "amateur wrestling" by the beginning of the modern Olympics in 1896. purely performative, choreographed wrestling ("admitted fakery" or "kayfabe") from competitive sport begins in the 1920s.Its popularity declined during World War II, but it was revived in the late 1940s to 1950s, the First Golden Age of professional wrestling in the United States, during which Gorgeous George gained mainstream popularity.