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14 Oct

How long would the Sun last if a giant water hose were focused upon it? — Austin Dickey What if you shined a flashlight (or a laser) into a sphere made of one-way mirror glass?— Chase Montgomery If Michael Phelps could hold his breath indefinitely, how long would it take for him to reach the lowest point in the ocean and back if he swam straight down and then straight back up?

This means that I have fewer potential "candidates" to meet.

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As I get older, I am starting to notice more and more women around my age are either engaged or already married.

— Jimmy Morey In the first Superman movie, Superman flies around Earth so fast that it begins turning in the opposite direction. ] How much energy would someone flying around the Earth have to exert in order to reverse the Earth's rotation?

— Aidan Blake How fast would you have to go in your car to run a red light claiming that it appeared green to you due to the Doppler Effect? When my wife and I started dating she invited me over for dinner at one time.